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What we do

Brand Evolvement
A brand is a relationship and like any healthy relationship, it must evolve and grow to remain fresh and vital. Brand Evolvement is our relationship-building philosophy, an approach that has helped our clients create and consistently develop their brands across multiple medias, effectively capturing and building both market-share and mind-share.
Brand Consulting

Whether building from scratch or redefining an established brand, Project 13 can help strategize, inspire, visualize and achieve your goals throughout any or every step of the process. We provide creative, objective and experienced direction that will have a positive impact on your brand while building and strengthening the foundation for growth.

Consulting services include, but are not limited to: Naming, Brand Positioning / Mission Statement Development, Advertising & Marketing Strategy, Brand Evaluation, Style Guidelines: Photography, Illustration & Copy, Materials & Manufacturing Referral, Production Guidance and more.

Logo Development
A logo is a shorthand: in an instant it not only offers a visual representation of a company and its work, it also establishes and defines an identity. Our objective is to develop unique marks that have immediate impact while consistently and timelessly position the right message in the minds of a targeted audience.
Print Media
Collateral materials, signage, packaging, and ad campaigns are all brand presentations. Making the most of these opportunities to position and define a company’s products or services demands effective, clear and consistent brand communication. Our creativity, experience and dedication to Brand Evolvement helps us deliver well-designed and effective messaging in all forms of print media.
Web Development
Visitors to your website don’t care what’s behind the curtain – they just want it to work well and look great. But we know that a great user experience is driven by what’s behind the curtain. From highly updatable, content-driven websites to boutique online stores and everything in between; we develop accessible, rich, well designed, experience-based websites that welcome users while further strengthening your brand.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Can they see you? SEO is about improving your search engine visibility and bringing more traffic to your site. We can make sure the right customers can find your business online.
Social Media Consultation & Management
Do you really need more likes or followers? Do you post once a day or ten times a day? Mixed social media messages like these can confuse business owners and even worse, the can confuse or alienate customers.
Social media is not “one size fits all,” or “set it and forget it.” We can help establish a custom Social Media plan and educate you on the where, when and why of how to distribute your message. Use social media to grow your online community and your business.
Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
See instant results from a customized online marketing campaign targeted to your specific market audience.
Online Public Relations & Reputation Management
Make sure you are sending the right message. We can work with you to distribute press release content across the web, properly building your brand image online, and monitor your brand to promote positive growth.
Local Directory Listing Services
Yelp, CitySearch, Google, and the list goes on. Like it or not, online directories are listing your business and customers are writing reviews. We can help establish a consistent and clear approach for pro-actively responding to customer concerns while delivering specific information to your target audience.