Mercy Hardware

Brand Extension and Collateral

November 15, 2012

Mercy Hardware is a unique retail design concept built as a creative extension of its parent company, Hecho Inc. Their mission is “to take on any material and convert it into discernible Mercy prototypes and products until all the workable material is exhausted or gone.” How’s that for ambitious? Using mostly leftovers from restaurant design and building projects, Mercy fashions items and goods out of materials that are otherwise considered unworthy, unusable, or “impossible” to work with, and then sells them as unique and functional art objects.

Building on the Hecho look and feel, Project 13 provided logo refinement, usage guidelines, typography and collateral material development services, including the creation of Mercy’s project archive and authentication pack.

Items from every phase of a Mercy project – from concept to completion – are tracked and housed in these packs. From original sketches, material samples and structural renderings to material source photos, process documentation images and more. Once a project is completed, an authentication pack is reproduced by hand to accompany each piece as it is sold – giving the buyer a detailed peek into the history of their unique piece of art. The result is two-fold – a visually impressive archive wall display that exists on site, and a beautifully-detailed collateral item that nods to the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” concept.