Little Angels

Website Design and Development

November 15, 2012

Little Angels is an animated DVD and book series by Executive Producer Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) and Writer Phil Lollar (“Adventures in Odyssey”). Developed as a way of teaching practical learning skills and spiritual, moral and ethical principles of the Bible to pre-school children, this highly-anticipated, faith-based educational series has been well received by kids and parents alike.

While Little Angels was awarded the MoPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Seal-of-Approval, and had seen success in the market with its DVDs, Music CDs, Books and Mobile Apps, the brand was lacking a strong and user-friendly web presence.

Project 13 worked with the Little Angels team to design and develop a website that made shopping simple and pleasant for parents, and allowed children to learn more about any of the 10 Little Angels Characters – all while conveying the fun, light-heartedness and approachability of the brand.

Our strategy was to build a simple user experience around three primary actions – shop, meet and play – and deliver a powerful content management system that would easily allow for growth and expansion. The standards compliant site was built using a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Static content was optimized and hosted on Amazon’s ultrafast S3 content delivery network (CDN), allowing the site to load fast regardless of geographic location. Google Analytics were installed for advanced tracking and UI analysis. Post-launch keyword research was performed to gain ranking via best practice search engine optimization (SEO) and HTML5 microdata tags were used on all product pages. Project 13 then worked in conjunction with the Little Angles promotional team to create an effective web marketing strategy utilizing a combination of email promotions and Google/Facebook ad buys.

The site was an instant success upon launch, receiving high praise from Little Angels management, Hearst Media (the Little Angels’ parent company) and visitors from around the world.