La Defense

Restaurant Brand Development

November 15, 2012

La Defense Restaurant, located on the square in downtown Brooklyn’s Metrotech campus, is an amalgam of a classic French bistro and a 1950′s American diner with a mid-century modern industrial twist.

Headed by chef Tomas Besnard, La Defense serves up classic French bistro dishes of moules frites and steak au poivre among an eclectic gathering of Americana relics like fiberglass bowling alley banquets, reclaimed wood paneling, antique apothecary display cases and retro electric motors.

This unusual union called for a brand that communicated all aspects equally – one that was vibrant, bold and strong enough to stand out in such a busy environment, while unifying the concept in an aesthetically pleasing way. Inspiration for the LD icon, typography and patterns were drawn from iconic, mid century corporate leaders such as Hoover Vacuum Cleaners, General Electric and Kodak Film.

Project 13 also developed a unique and visually appealing website that showcases La Defense’s beautiful interior design while also delivering all pertinent menu and location information. The HTML5 website was built using standards compliant technology with a focus on optimization and ease of use.

From the large vinyl graphics on the restaurant’s glass facade down to the business cards, menus, customer incentive cards and website – Project 13 delivered a uniquely expressive brand that scaled seamlessly across all mediums and clearly communicated what one could expect from this fun and eclectic eatery.