Glaze Teriyaki Grill

Seattle-style Teriyaki Restaurant Brand Development

November 15, 2012

“Seriously delicious teriyaki –
in a not-so-serious atmosphere.”

When Seattle native Paul Krug moved to New York, he realized something was missing in Manhattan’s culinary landscape – Seattle-style teriyaki. His cravings for the sweet flavors of the Emerald City’s street food led to the conceptualization of Glaze Teriyaki Grill – a seriously good, and good for you Seattle-style teriyaki restaurant built around affordable food and “not-so-serious atmosphere.

Project 13 built upon this ethos to help visually define the brand through the high-contrast, brightly colored graphic illustrations and patterns that adorn menus, staff apparel, and interior murals and signage. The iconic Glaze logo speaks to the charcoal-grilled soul of the restaurant, while Korean-speaking animals and a tractor driving, Space Needle-adorned Statue of Liberty both wink to the light-heartedness of the brand.

While the look may be less than serious, very serious attention was paid to the guidelines that Project 13 established in developing Glaze’s flagship location in Midtown Manhattan. That success ultimately led to the seamless opening of a second location in Union Square, and a third location in San Francisco with many other locations in the works.

To help champion Glaze’s successful growth, Project 13 also designed and developed a custom website with a powerful content management system (CMS), which showcases both the restaurants’ well-crafted interior and beautifully prepared food. This allows for fast and simple updates by company management and offers visitors an informative, easy-to-navigate user experience.