Evo – Studio Network Solutions

Brand Development and Structural Design

November 15, 2012

The latest innovation in shared storage solutions debuts with a brand and look to match its power and speed.

Evo is the latest evolution in shared storage solutions for media workgroups. To distinguish itself in the crowded high-tech landscape, Evo needed a brand that was equally evolutionary. Studio Network Solutions, the brains behind Evo, knew Project 13 was up to the task.

We created a new mark that fit seamlessly into the SNS brand family, yet still holds its own as a powerful and unique product in a highly competitive market. We also designed the Evo bezel to stamp a strong visual presence on the product itself, helping it stand out when rack mounted with competitor devices. Its aggressive lines personify the drive‚Äôs power, speed, and extensive connectivity options while allowing maximum airflow to it’s multiple internal drives.

But design was only part of the equation. Project 13 also sourced and oversaw manufacturing of the bezel, executing production through Massachusetts-based ThermoFab whose thermoforming process offered close tolerances, tight specifications, and sharp detail that suited the Evo design perfectly.

Attracting attention at trade shows around the world including NAB: Las Vegas, IBC: Amsterdam and AES: New York and among industry insiders, the powerful faceplate design is doing what the best branding does: enticing people to take a closer look at an already-great product.

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