Bluestone Lane Coffee

Brand Development

November 6, 2013

Specialty cafes are being opened across the city by a wave of young Australian entrepreneurs who want to change the way New Yorkers drink coffee. One of the best and brightest spots in the City is Bluestone Lane Coffee, founded by former Australian rules football player Nick Stone after feeling homesick for the coffee he savored at home in Melbourne.

Working closely with the founders, Project 13 developed a unique brand for these “purveyors of premium coffee culture” that includes an iconic mark and classic typographic treatment which speaks directly to their authentic Aussie spirit. Collateral and identity elements were inspired by everything from vintage Australian postage stamps to maps, historic sports memorabilia and trolley tickets. Rich with detail, color and minimally distressed embellishments, the brand lives comfortably within the rustic yet warm and inviting coffee shop environment reminiscent of Degraves Street in Melbourne, a bluestone lane lined with many coffee shops. The brand extends seamlessly through signage, menus, staff apparel and marketing materials.

Bluestone Lane’s authentic Aussie coffee drinks and well thought-out décor and branding bring a refreshing experience that coffee lovers deserve. Be prepared to immerse yourself in Aussie culture and order in Aussie ways (Flatwhite, Piccolo, Long Black) from good-looking baristas in light-blue shirts and dark-blue apron. You will leave with a desire to come back for  outstanding roasts, an authentic Australian coffee experience more than the caffeine itself.

If you haven’t had the chance to see BSL for yourself, we urge you to stop by one of their locations and enjoy a Flat white sooner than later.