August Moon Drive-In

Brand Development

November 15, 2012

August Moon Drive-In is a multifaceted interactive and themed entertainment attraction designed to connect moviegoers with their deeply rooted nostalgia for American popular culture. By offering a full-size indoor re-creation of a country drive-in movie, circa 1965, AMDI enables visitors to walk onto a life-sized set and truly step back into a beloved but bygone era of “Americana.”

Based on the broad appeal of Hollywood movies, vintage cars and classic American “comfort” food, AMDI offers an immersive movie experience like no other. Patrons are treated to the largest silver screen in Latin America, an extensive collection of classic cars from which to view the movies; even private tree houses and lush green lawns complete with fireflies. With an ever-changing starry night sky, rolling hills dotted with picnic tables and meandering paths throughout, AMDI provides a truly transportive experience. And Project 13 delivered a brand that was every bit as detailed as the concept.

Charged with developing a logo and typographic treatments that could easily scale from ticket stubs to 70′ tall neon signs, P13 drew inspiration from classic theaters of the past and delivered a brand that is relevant in a post-modern, technology-driven world. UK-based Pin Up artist Syd Brak was also brought in to illustrate the brand’s spokesperson, “August,” lending a stylistic, inviting face to the concept.